Welcome to Monarch Productions! We are your one stop shop for all business and personal computer, tablet and cell phone needs. We have expanded several areas of business to bring you more solutions for your business: electronics, websites, and custom programming. Our services don’t stop there! We can create your special event brochures, flyers, invitations or set up your resume for you. Custom programming and application development are also available for your website or store-based business. Need your internet services set up in your home to cover all areas? Let us do the work for you!

How Can We Help You?

Cracked screen on your smartphone, tablet or laptop? No problem! We will help you search for the best price on replacement parts. Unfortunately, if you have a purchased warranty with your electronic manufacturer or service provider, we are not able to work on your product. If we do, the warranty is void. Please check with your provider or service plan if applicable. Is it time to upgrade your cellular service or equipment but not sure what all this new technology is?

Our team members can schedule a time to meet you at your desired provider location (or via remote assistance) to help in making those tough decisions, and interpret the “tech and information jargon” sales people give to help you choose the best plan and service for your business or personal needs.

Is your computer running slow? Most people don’t know that computers need regular maintenance much like their vehicle. By backing up your data, we can do a clean installation of the operating system, return your files to where you had them and give your computer a fresh start.

Gamers love Monarch Productions for our custom-built desktop computers including state of the art graphics and no lag. If more space to save your photos, music or other materials is what you need, we can update the hardware inside your computer to accomplish that or find alternative solutions.

Not sure what type of service you need? No problem! Contact us directly to discuss your individual needs. We provide a custom solution tailored to you!

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