Win10 Upgrade

We are currently accepting appointments to upgrade desktop and laptop computers to Windows 10.

Retail:  $199.99                                     Retail:  $139.99

The requirements are listed below:

Your computer MUST have a legally licensed version of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 currently installed

2.  A live and operational internet connection

3.  The Teamviewer Remote Assistance software must be installed (A tutorial can be found by going to the titled page at the bottom of your screen)

The Process:

1. Once a technician has gained working control of your computer via Teamviewer, you are free to go about your business

2. This means you are not anchored to the computer while we get things started

3.  The initial download and installation may take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours

4. Remote assistance may be disconnected during the installation process in order for it to continue working uninterrupted

5. We recommend you check the status of the installation frequently and immediately notify us of any abnormalities

6. Contact us immediately with any questions you may have during the installation

7. Please do not use the machine until the process has finished

8. Your computer will restart several times. Once the process has completed, we will ask you to allow us access to the machine again to finish with the remaining functions

Regardless of the Microsoft version you currently own, our process will automatically match it with the proper version of 10. For example, if you currently have Windows 7 Home Premium installed on your computer, we will install Windows 10 Home Premium. If you have Windows 8.1 Professional, we will match Windows 10 Professional.

The benefits of having Zeero Productions do your upgrade:

1.  We do not charge an hourly rate. Industry standard ranges from $65 – $80 per hour.

2.  We make sure your system also has the most current updates, drivers for your extended equipment (printer, etc), and security software.

3. Multiple computer discount.

For additional information about the life cycle of the Microsoft© Operating Systems please go to the News tab at the bottom of your screen.

Remote Assistance Installation Fee:  $100.00

Local Direct Assistance:  $75.00  (Client drop off & pick up)
Local is within the Central California area

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