Most programmers may believe that web-based (browser) video gaming is a lost art. But in truth, it’s presence has never left the online world and in some parts has grown into a bigger tide of entertainment. Making an online video game presents its’ own set of challenges but the final results can be mesmerizing, and financially profitable. Mobility is the way of the future, no doubt, as mobile applications continue to have a strong and growing presence.

There are many self-help solutions available for people to create their own gaming enterprises. They take a very long time to make and attention to detail is critical. On average the bare basics of a video game project can take at least one to three years to complete. That’s 52 weeks a year at the regular 40 hour work week. So why spend all your time being dedicated to your project when we can build it for you?

The default package for game development starts at $2,200.00. This includes the framework needed to get started of your chosen domain, the security surrounding the platform, hosting, copyright or trademarking, and proper licensing on a national or international level. Labor costs begin at $85.00 per hour. A deposit of 3 months labor plus the start up is required to begin the project. Labor is then calculated on a monthly basis.

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