Many options are available for consumers when it comes to data storage. Apple© and Android© users both have a designated amount of storage space that is bundled with their service or other features. Usually this free space is limited to between 5 and 10 GB. With the advancements of smart phones the average user may take up to 100 pictures a day! This may seem like a large amount but imagine taking 100 pictures a day for 1 year!

Data breaches can happen to the most secure companies in the world and if you’re concerned, about your data being stored in the “cloud”, utilizing a company like Monarch Productions for your storage needs may be a better option. Back up all of your documents, photos, music, videos and precious electronic items you’ve collected over the years and store them on our server with your own dedicated space. There’s no need to worry about sharing your desired space allotment with other users and you control what’s stored, and when. Small business customers are also welcome to purchase storage through our company.

Acceptable storage items

You are invited to store:
Photos & Videos
Legally purchased media: music & movies

You can find our storage packages below:

We are happy to store all your electronic media and what you store within your package will always remain private. Feel free to store your photos of grandma or your kitten video collection but we do have some restrictions.

Examples of prohibited materials include:

Images and/or video of sexually explicit (and illegal) activities
Illegally duplicated media such as movies, and music
Illegally duplicated video games
Shareware materials illegally obtained from the internet
Crack/Hacking applications (Code generators)

How it works

Each client storage space is user-specific. This means the account is set up with your user details and is not a global storage area for all clients at the same time. The account owner accepts all responsibility for content stored, as well as the user details assigned at the time the account is created. Should you wish to share the login information, for example, as a collaborative team storage unit, the direct owner is responsible to the account.

After the account is created, the owner will receive documentation on how to access the storage via a web browser or FTP software. Password resets may be requested at any time. Secondary users assigned by the owner may have separate login information created upon request.

Disclaimer & Documentation

Each user account requires your credentials in order to be created. This includes receiving a signed copy of our Acceptable Use Policy, original order form that requires your personal information along with a legible copy of your driver’s license. No exceptions will be permitted to bypass this procedure.

ALL media is scanned each week for illegal materials. Violating the terms and conditions of our policy may result in your account being closed immediately. All service payments are final. No refund will be issued for any account in violation, and the offending user may be reported to local authorities in their state and county of residence.

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