Every website around the world you look at is housed or stored on a server. Like your home computer, tablet or smartphone, servers hold massive amounts of data in the form of websites, chat rooms, games and the like. If you’re looking to have your own website built, it needs a place to “live” so others can see or interact with it.

Most hosting companies require you to pay for services you may not actually be using. In some cases having access to all of the additional features a hosting company has to offer is a bonus. These come bundled with the servers’ software package. But take a look at your bill and see how many listed items you don’t recognize or question what they are. It’s a given there will be variations from company to company.

Our goal is to provide you with the exact package you need for your hosting account. When you formulate your business plan you’ve picked a name and the type of business it is to become. Along with your new business you’re probably thinking you’d like an internet presence. This is where Zeero Productions can be helpful to bringing your specific online presence to fruition. A domain name, or web address such as begins your journey to the world of the internet and the next step for your business.

Below you can review our 4 basic hosting plans for your personal or business account. A full list of features is provided further down the page under the plans. And if you aren’t seeing the right plan for you, don’t stress! A customized plan can be created to meet your needs.

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