Domains & Registration

Your business needs a presence on the web and in order to make that possible you will need a domain. A domain is the address on the internet people will use to locate your business and be able to view your website. There are many choices of Domain Registrants. Popular companies like GoDaddy© and Spirit Domains© can be used to search for domains and purchase them directly. This requires you to create an account and monitor your annual renewals on your own. But if you are not interested in handling the maintenance of this sort, we can do it for you and bill you at your annual renewal time. All domain purchases are for 1 year but additional years can be purchased if you choose.

Even if you choose not to use our web hosting services we can still set up a domain registration account on your behalf.

We bill domain registrations between $10 – 25.00 for one year, based on industry standard extension costs.

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