These days an E-mail address is as vital as your government issued drivers license. In the world of technology a separate account may be needed for online purchasing, your schooling, or even just to stay in touch with friends and family through social media.

There are thousands of options for the provider you might choose to create your E-mail address. Some are free services such as G-mail, Outlook and Yahoo. But often these free accounts are quickly associated with massive advertising campaigns (spam) that can quickly take up your limited mailbox space. We offer E-mail services to our clients as well as the public. You can find our pricing below:

Small Box:  250MB = $2.00 per month

Medium Box:  500MB = $3.50 per month

Large Box:  1GB = $5.00 per month

XtraLarge Box = 15GB = $10.00

While we can’t guarantee your inbox won’t ever receive spam mail, we do work diligently to provide stringent, frequently up-dated filters to root them out on a regular basis.

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