Bluetooth devices such as your smart phone, printer, and now everyday household appliances have the ability to use the internet. But how does it all connect?  By inviting the staff of Zeero Productions into your home we can set up every device, connect multiple computers, and secure your internet services against internet threats.

New camera system for security in your home? In most cases the company you pay for the service will do the installation and connection for you both to your internet and to their services. Many retail stores offer a camera system that you can monitor on your own, however you have to install it on your own. We can handle that for you too!

Networking means connecting all required devices together so they can speak to one another, not just access the internet. Printers in today’s world now come with wireless capabilities that allow other mobile devices to send printing instructions to it. Easily print an email from your smart phone or tablet, not just your computer. Need to back up your computer on a regular basis? You can chose from a local back up source or to a cloud service.

Home Networking Services begin at $85.00 per hour.

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