Game Console

Game Consoles

New state of the art gaming consoles like the Sony Playstation 5, or the Microsoft XBox One are slimmer, faster and fierce pieces of equipment designed for high time use. But these new systems cost a pretty penny not only for the console, but games and additional equipment required to use them. Our staff can help you optimize your current gaming set up to speed it up, reduce lag and improve syncing.  We even work on old gaming systems.  While cheaper, previous versions of these systems can provide fun but replacement parts may be limited and hard to find.

Although we do our best to locate replacement parts needed to make your system operational again, these parts are based on the age, make and model of the unit.

Game Console Repairs

Please note: All repair estimates are free of charge. Repair time is only an estimate but we do our best to keep to the estimated time table. Labor is calculated in 60 minute (one hour) increments. Repair charges begin from the start of actual repair proceedings. Customers will be required to pay for repair materials up front. We do NOT store replacement parts. All part order recommendations come from reliable sources such as, and Customer is responsible for part costs plus shipping. We cannot do repair work on hardware that is currently under warranty or covered by an insurance plan.

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